Four ways to prevent you getting sick this winter

We all know the dreaded signs – a runny nose, tickly throat or cough. Yes, it’s cold and flu season. We all know when we have it – but do we really know how to prevent it?

Here are four ways to prevent getting a cold or the flu this season:

1. Clean communal surfaces at least once a day

Cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces for about 24 hours¹. This is why you should regularly wipe down commonly-touched surfaces like: fridge handles, desks and light switches.

Head of Sales, Simon Ayres says ‘I often recommend using a cleaner like the Wightman & Parrish Anti Bacterial Surface Cleanser, as it not only kills bacteria living on surfaces quickly, but it can also be used on a variety of surfaces.’

2. Wash your hands

It may sound obvious, but washing your hands for 30 seconds with antibacterial soap can reduce the amount of bacteria on your hands. In fact using an antibacterial soap is twice as effective as using water alone². Don’t forget to also wash your hands after you come in contact with commonly touched surfaces – this can also reduce your chance of getting sick.
Antibacterial soaps like Deb OxyBAC Antibacterial Foam Hand Wash are perfect to use on a regular basis as they kill bacteria on your hands without drying your skin out.

3. Encourage people to throw their own tissues away

If you can avoid touching someone else’s dirty tissues, you can avoid direct contact with the germs that carry cold and flu viruses. This drastically improves your hygiene, and reduces your chances of getting sick. So next time your colleague leaves their used tissues next to you, ask them to put in the bin themselves!
Should you need tissues for yourself, the Scott Facial Tissues are soft and absorbent, and 100% recycled.

4. Avoid sharing towels or personal items

As we have already discovered, flu and cold viruses can survive for up to 24 hours on surfaces, so sharing towels and other personal items with people who are sick is not a good idea.
All good businesses will change their towels regularly. If you find yourself running low, stock up on some good quality towels like our Evolution Knit range, so next time you don’t have to share.

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