‘Go Turbo’ With Vileda Ultraspin Mini

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The new Ultraspin Mini compact mopping system improves overall floor hygiene, reduces back and wrist stain and will save you time.

The integrated wringing mechanism in the Vileda Ultraspin Mini bucket adds innovation to traditional mopping. You insert the mop into the wringer and use a foot lever to spin out the excess fluids into the bucket. This gives you control over the desired mop dampness, but more importantly makes the process more ergonomic.

The Ultraspin Mini mop head is made from 100% mirofibre, giving a deeper more effective clean. The triangular shape head makes cleaning corners easier and also ideal for cleaning walls. The heads are also washine washable, giving you better cost in use on the system.

The end result is effective cleaning in less time and less strain for the person cleaning.