Kirton Florien Elite

People under your care are about to be sitting in an incredibly supportive and comfortable chair. This chair fits into any care environment, whether it’s needed for a hospital, specialist care, care homes, hospices, or domestic home environments.

What’s so special about a chair?

The Florien Elite gives you full dynamic control of the chair so you can reposition it in any way you see fit, and can accurately fit to the users’ needs and requirements. It features unique upholstered arms that float across the seat to the preferred seat width for each person. They also have the ability to swivel backwards to make for easier transfers. This can be integral when the person needs assistance from hoists, as the arms can easily be moved out of the way. The leg rest on this chair is able to achieve negative angles on retraction to aid the user in standing up from the chair, and the cushions are specially contoured to help with leg positioning. At the bottom of the leg rest, it has a flip-up footrest which makes Plantarflexion achievable. Lastly, the contoured backrest is built-in with lateral and lumbar supports, produced from supportive Reflexion™ foam which effectively provides great comfort to the user. If you’re worried about cleaning, don’t be as it’s designed for that too, especially for areas of increased infection control.

However, one of the main selling points for the Florien Elite is the fact it is excellent for pressure relieving seat options. It can come with flat or ramped removable seat modules, including:

• Dyna-Tek™ Intelligent Air (Sensible pick for very high risk up to Grade IV Pressure Injuries)

• Intelli-Gel® Integral (High risk up to Grade II Pressure Injury)

• Dyna-Flex® Cushion (Medium to High Risk)

What is a pressure injury?

A pressure injury put simply, is when there is an injury to the skin and the tissue underneath it. If you are left sitting or lying in the same position it will begin to cut off the flow of blood to that area, which in turn blocks oxygen and nutrients from keeping a healthy tissue. Therefore, when the tissue becomes starved for too long it begins to die and a pressure injury forms.

If you are interested in purchasing the Kirton Florien Elite, you can call us on 01323 445001 to arrange a visit from one of our client managers. It really is a fantastic purchase for providing integral comfort to those that need it most.