Alcohol Free Solution to Hand Hygiene

How many times a day do you apply hand sanitisers? Do you notice that it dries out your skin after multiple uses?

In today’s world, we are surrounded with advanced technology which allows manufacturers to take the time to look deeper into bettering current hand sanitising products, with the objective being ease of use and achieving high efficacy. Byotrol is a specialist developer of residual antimicrobial products who offer a wide range of product lines. The Invirtu Range has been created so you don’t compromise your personal health for hygiene, it’s truly the best of both worlds. As you can imagine, if a product feels good to apply to your skin people will naturally sanitise their hands more often, minimising chances for viruses and other nasty germs to be spread. We all have a part to play in hygiene and hand care, as a duty to the general public and the vulnerable.

The Invirtu Hand Foam Sanitiser has raised the bar for existing hand sanitising products and has brought innovation to daily hand cleanliness. This sanitiser is 100% colour, odour and alcohol free. It is dermatologically proven by experts to identify and kill 99.99% of common germs and viruses; stopping them in their tracks. This includes more major viruses such as; Swine Flu, MRSA, Rotavirus and E. coli and more. This product is such a success that it is even listed on a NHS Contract and is used throughout NHS trusts, and meets some of the key EN European Standards for a hand rub (EN1500, EN13727, EN1276, EN1650, EN14476 and EN13624).


When using Invirtu Hand Foam Sanitiser, the most noticable benefit is that you will experience is a consistent hydration of your skin as it cleverly maintains the natural pH balance, and will not dry your hands even after repeated use. We offer a personal pump made especially for those on-the-go in care homes, hospitals or just for personal use. It’s a small compact design that can fit easily into your pocket. Although, if you prefer, you can buy the compatible Invirtu Belt Clip for convenient access to your pump. See below for more Invirtu items that will tailor to your requirements:

As part of the range you can buy a stand alone Pump Bottle to sit on the counter or at the table. Particuarly useful in carehomes is the this bed end pump bottle holder. The most frequently requested product is the wall mounted Dispenser which accompanies the 800ml pouch.

Wightman & Parrish pride our team on finding the right solutions for your business, it’s all part of our INTELLIGENT APPROACH TO HEALTH & HYGIENE. If you would like to get in touch about this range or other hand hygiene solutions please call us on 01323 445001 or email