Hand Washing For Little Hands

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As the school Summer holidays draw to an end our thoughts turn to all the little hands starting school in September. It’s never too early to start good hand washing practices with children. Most nurseries and schools tend to have hand washing programs between the age of 3 and 6 to nuture and encourage best practice. The most common way germs are spread is still by people’s hands. Hand washing with soap and warm water is the single most important thing you can encourage children to do to help reduce the spread of infections and help protect them, their families and those around them.

So whether you are a nursery or primary school why not look at our Kimberley Clark soap dispensers, which are bright and bold to attract children’s attention. Giving children a measured dose of soap perfect everytime for washing their hands.

One simple trick is to encourage a child to sing Happy Birthday song to themselves twice, as they do this they can undertake thorough hand washing.