A high quality floor care machine saves you the time and effort of mopping.

Today’s technology is developing at an exponential rate and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a machine that can do the task at hand, so we have chosen a few that offer the best results and value for money.

Each machine that we provide is specialised and carry out their specific jobs at a high quality. The benefits of a good quality machine means you will save time trying to manually get the high standards of hygiene, instead doing it with ease. They also help improve the general appearance and atmosphere of schools, portraying a clean, smart and professional environment.

We can arrange a non-obligatory demonstration, so you are able to try out the desired machine and see the results first hand before a purchase. During the demonstration our Client Manager will be on hand to answer any questions you have and assist you choosing a machine to best suit your tasks need.


Scrubber for a wide variety of uses

The TASKI Swingo 455 is a scrubber dryer which can be used in a wide variety of application areas. It is truly versatile for use in all types of small or congested hard floor areas such as retail stores, kitchens, schools and hospitals. The benefit of a scrubber drier is that the area dries straight away after use and is safe to use.




High-efficiency vacuum cleaner

The TASKI AERO 8/15 PLUS high-efficiency vacuum cleaners use state-of-the-art technology and have a super-efficient motor. With the patented TASKI Whisper  Technology, the vacuum cleaner works ultra-silently. Replacement of parts such as cables and filters – is simplified by the clever design and can be fitted by the user, in seconds, without the need for any tools.




Versatile machine that cleans, scrubs and picks up water


The Duplex 420 16” 420mm Standard 230V allows you to clean and sanitise right to the edge of a room, including along walls, into corners and under furniture using its exceptional cleaning power, combining brush agitation and steam on all floor surfaces. The brushes contra-rotate to lift dirt, water and grime from the floor surface leaving it steam cleaned, sanitised and dry without the need for aggressive or toxic cleaners.

For more information on any of these machines, or others available please visit www.w-p.co.uk. Alternatively, to book a demo, please contact us on 01323 445005 and our team will be happy to help.