Stylish Solution To Sanitary Product Disposal.

Now available at Wightman & Parrish is the SaniPod™ Pod Petite range, designed and manufacturerd by Pure Concepts who are the world leaders in smart, stylish washroom solutions. The Pod Petite range is designed for efficient, simple and safe servicing. The Pod Petite manual is designed for minimal touch and maximum hygiene. The auto model works using advanced motion-sensor technology, meaning there’s no need to touch the unit. The cartridge system similar to those used in disposable nappy bins has bags which are lightly fragranced, with a simple tear and tie system this makes removing waste more effective.

SaniPod™ Pod Petite – Code: 106772

SaniPod™ Pod Petite Auto – Code: 106773

SaniPod™ Refill Cartridge – Code: 106774