Our “Intelligent Approach To Health & Hygiene” is a concept which encompasses our approach to working in partnership with our clients. You, your staff and your business are what matter to us. We pride ourselves on bringing you ideas, solutions and recommendations that will make your business function better.

Our client managers are there to understand your business, challenges and problems that exist and come up with solutions and products that work for you and your business needs. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry means that we deliver the right solutions for our clients at all stages in our relationship.

Throughout our business you will hear our people take pride in our story. Here at Wightman & Parrish we do what we say we will, and we care about how we do it, all in your best interests.


Customer service is at the heart of our company, we currently deliver to over 4,000 customers with a focus on more than just sending you boxes.

Our dedicated customer service team offer telephone and web support. Whilst our client account managers are on hand to deal with your requests and tackle more knowledge driven requests.


Our operations team uses a bespoke technical system to ensure optimum picking, packing and route planning. We have an extensive site in East Sussex, every week the operations team receive on average 125 supplier deliveries, mostly from artic lorries. We have three warehouses with over 3,000 bins all designated for stock. We pick orders day and night to ensure that our clients get their deliveries on time and as per the schedule. Our stock management is at peak performance to ensure we deliver what you frequently need, when you need it.

Whilst some deliveries are made on Courier, most of our clients benefit from delivery with our own fleet of vans. Our employed drivers will ensure your products arrive on time and, more importantly, to the area they are needed in your business. All our drivers have CPC training and attend Eco driving courses. Our fleet are equipped with all necessary modern technology including hands free mobile, safety cameras and route navigation. Our systems and industry knowledge easily identify how best to transit chemicals, and as such we have ADR qualified drivers who are trained to transport hazardous materials.