At Wightman & Parrish we have an expert team of highly trained engineers dedicated to helping our customers face the demands of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment.

We can offer a wide range of services, employing specialist engineers where needed.


Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) tests are a legal requirement for every employer. Our engineers can test hoists and slings and provide you with a LOLER certificate along with any recommendations for repair. Our engineering coordinator will schedule your LOLER tests for you, making the whole experience simple and stress-free.


Our engineers can fit and maintain an automated system which feeds a controlled dose of concentrated laundry product’s directly from the container into the washing machine, via a wall mounted pump and control handset accessible from the front of the machine. W&P offer both an impressive own brand range of laundry products, as well as the familiar brands from P&G and Diversey. Not to mention that as long as you continue to purchase your laundry or dishwasher products from W&P, the initial installation, and any subsequent repairs or servicing, of the auto-dosing system will be free of charge. Auto-dosing comes with many benefits including accuracy, greater cost control, safer handling, outstanding results and less wastage, an important factor in Corporate Social Responsibility.


Our engineering team can conduct repairs, services and safety checks on a variety of equipment.

  • Mobile and Bath Hoists
  • Standaids
  • Ceiling Track Hoists
  • Profiling Beds
  • Alternating Air Mattresses & Pumps
  • Wheelchairs
  • Shower Chairs and Trolleys
  • Height Adjustable Baths
  • Air Sterile unit service and lamp replacement


Our engineering team is more than happy to conduct equipment checks at your premises. Whether it’s for profiling air mattresses and pumps, wheelchairs, beds, or a combination of different types of equipment, we can check everything over and ensure all of your equipment is working as it should. We’ll give you a report listing all of the items that have been checked, including any issues encountered, any remedial work that has been carried out, or any that still needs to occur. If you have a lot of items that require checking we can even organise for them to be done at a competitive day rate, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected charges should you happen to find that elusive extra pump in a cupboard.


We have a fully equipped engineering workshop here at Wightman & Parrish. If we are unable to fix your item on your premises, we can bring it back to the workshop for further testing and/or repairs in a safe, controlled environment. You can also send us your portable items (mattress pumps for example) for us to fix here if you’d prefer, but please call us first to arrange this before you send us anything. Once fixed, we will then deliver your item back to you free of charge.


All of our charges are available by calling our engineering department on 0808 178 6554. While we do carry a lot of spare parts in stock, there will be times when we’ll need to order parts in for your repair. If we do we’ll be sure to give you a realistic lead-time, and we’ll also keep you updated so you know when we will be back to fit them.