Are you glove aware?

Contact dermatitis is a painful condition that is often triggered because of contact with skin irritants or a lot of wet work within your job. It is often contracted by Hairdressers, health and social care workers, agricultural workers and cleaners. To coincide with World Hand Hygiene Day on 5th May, The Royal College of Nursing are hosting Glove Awareness Week from 30 April to raise awareness of skin health and appropriate glove use by nursing staff. One in five nurses develop contact dermatitis each year which can lead to restraints on their job where they are at a higher risk. It is an uncomfortable and often painful condition so the use of hand protection can reduce vulnerability of contraction.

It is important to decide when to use gloves and the type of glove to use. Inappropriate glove use (over or under use) can place staff at risk of contraction and infection. Patients can be put at risk from infection and missed opportunities for hand hygiene. With so many products available in today’s market, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you in what seems like a complex glove market of Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, Sterile and many more to choose from. Here at Wightman & Parrish we have a vast variety of gloves, our Customer Service team are always happy to help, or alternatively we can arrange for you to speak with an experienced Client Manager who can advise you which products suit your company and usage.

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