SaniPod, the smart solution to sanitary waste

With over 50% of the UK’s population being female, sanitary waste and its disposal is a topic that shouldn’t be avoided. With a vast range of products on the market, it is important to know your rights and the solutions available as an employer.

What is sanitary waste?

Sanitary waste is classed as ‘offensive waste’, which by definition is not infectious or contains chemical substance, however it may be unpleasant to anyone who comes into contact with it. As outlined by, up to 7kg of offensive waste can be disposed of within general waste as long as it is in a black waste

Why collection doesn’t always work

A lot of businesses opt for collection which means a third party will collect your offensive waste and manage the disposal. Collection isn’t always the most cost effective route. And if you are in the education sector, collection out of term time and surcharges for extra collections as part of contracts are often unavoidable.

Introducing SaniPod

SaniPod systems offer flexibility whilst providing a stylish and compact solution that is designed for efficient, simple and safe servicing.

With various options available to suit varying needs, SaniPod offers an automatic and manual system. The Pod Petite manual is designed for minimal touch and maximum hygiene with a simple pull handle. The device is wall mountable and can be emptied by the cartridge system. The cartridge system is filled with lightly fragranced bags, making removing waste more effective and pleasant. It is emptied simply by opening the centre console and removing the waste bag. The cartridges can be taken out and replaced, instead of having to put in a new bag each time.

The auto model works using advanced motion-sensor technology, meaning there’s no need to touch the unit. The user simply hovers their hand over the sensor and the disposer component opens automatically.

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