8 billion tonnes of plastic waste – act now!

Since the daunting episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 aired on the 10th of December that showed the ugly truth of what plastic was doing to our planet, the world wide movement to reduce plastic usage has had a kick start.

Here are the facts:
  • Over 8 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced to date
  • Only 9% of that has been recycled
  • 12% has been incinerated
  • A whopping 79% has been dumped on beaches, landfills and into oceans
  • The Marine Conservation Society in the UK found 718 pieces of litter for every 100m stretch of beach surveyed during their Great British Beach Clean Up in September 2017.

When plastic ends up in the natural environment, this means it is clogging up the seas and damaging our wildlife. Fish and turtles are unable to distinguish what is food and what is plastic resulting in death from consumption. The rising awareness of this damage to our environment and wildlife has lead people to make more conscious decisions about their actions and purchases.

At Wightman & Parrish, we hugely support the movement to cut down plastic waste. From office recycling bins to eco-friendly products and the promotion of recyclable packaging, we really believe every little helps.

Here are a few of the products that we stock that can help you cut down on commercial waste that are eco- friendly and come in fully recyclable packaging:


Delphis Eco Anti Bacterial Hand Soap

An anti-microbial hand soap that has been formulated specifically for the food preparation industry to roughly clean, sanitise and disinfect hands (passes EN1500) without the use of Trichlosan. Effective against infectious organisms and viruses including MRSA, H1N1 and Norovirus. Packaging is 100% recyclable.


Delphis Eco Multi Purpose Cleaner 

A EU Ecolabel accredited multi-purpose cleaner that has been specially developed to be tough on grease, dirt and stubborn soiling. It works brilliantly on all hard surfaces to leave them clean and shiny.


Vegware Straw Straight Sip/Bar/Cocktail Black 3mm

Stylish black cocktail straws which are made from plant based PLA so are entirely compostable an eco alternative to normal straws.


Vegware Recycled Paper Carrier Bag Medium

Compostable recycled paper carrier bags made in the UK from recycled kraft paper with additional strength due to the handles being within the bag. 22 x 11 x 25cm.


Vegware Hot Cup Double Wall Kraft 8oz

Insulated, double walled, kraft cups, with a 8oz capacity, lined with plant based PLA making them completely compostable. The cups are ideal for hot drinks and make for an eco friendly alternative to normal cups.